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LR 24     A Vedic chart is the cosmic map of your soul’s purpose. Yildiz gives insightful readings to assist you in making choices and making the most of each part of you life, as she is fully aware of the interplay of cosmic forces, destiny and free will.

Yildiz’s name means ‘star’ in a Turkish. She is of Turkish Cypriot/ English origin and was born in England and now lives in Brisbane, Australia. She was a High school teacher of Physics and Chemistry for many years until a very significant time in her life, when she was introduced to Jyotish, (Vedic Astrology).

On holiday in Australia she met two Vedic astrologers in two days. She was so blown away by the readings and the insight it gave her, that she started to study this mystical science straight away. Yildiz left school teaching to commence her career as a Vedic astrologer. This led her to further studies to find the most effective ways of resolving karmic patterns for herself and her clients. She became a counsellor, Clinical hypnotherapist and Family Constellation practitioner and trainer

Yildiz takes delight in helping others make sense of their karmic patterns and helping them make the most of their talents and overcoming or coping with their challenges. Family Constellations is not astrology, it is a psychological and spiritual methodology. From a Vedic perspective it is excellent for resolving relationship and karmic patterns.

Yildiz is still very much involved in giving Vedic astrology consultations in person or by Skype and teaching in the correspondence courses and face to face classes as well as therapy and personal development seminars.

Vedic astrology training in Australia, India, Austria, USA.

Master of Applied Social Science (counselling). B.Ed. Grad. Dip. Counselling, Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy. NLP practitioner. Family Constellations practitioner and trainer.

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