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Astronomy, Science and Vedic Astrology are interlinked.

We are all made of Stardust see Stardust on the Spiritual Path by Yildiz Sethi

“As a man thinks, so he is,”Bhagavad Gita 

“There is also much literature and scientific research to show that the waxing and waning of the moon and in particular the full moon has an effect on many.”

“Vedic astrology was a natural progression from ancient Indian astronomy during the Vedic era of around 5000 BCE.”

Yildiz outlines many points here:

  • “Observers of the cosmos noticed the effects that placements of planets in the sky had on the psyche and emotional state of those under their influence.”
  • “The arrangement of planets around a person at the moment of birth appeared to have a strong impact on the personality and motivations of the person concerned. This became the birth of Vedic astrology.”
  • “One of the main reasons that astrology has largely been ridiculed and not taken seriously is the fact that Western astrology does not use the exact position of planets in order to draw up its charts. Western astrology used Tropical moving star astrology that is based on the movement of the equinoxes and is moving away from the true position each year and is now nearly 24 degrees away from the true position. This is a very large discrepancy.”
  • “Vedic astrology uses the exact position of planets in the same way that scientists do in viewing planets through a modern telescope in adopting a more scientific system called the Sidereal Fixed Star system. This is in line with astronomy in its accuracy.”
  • “In the Vedic system the Moon is the most important planet in that it reflects the mindset and emotional state of the person concerned very accurately. If you understand the mind set it is easy to predict what a person will be doing.”
  • “In Vedic astrology people refer to their Mon sign as being the most important”
  • “Calculations from the position of the Moon are used in many predictive techniques.”
  • “In the Vedic system your sun-sign is likely not to be your sun-sign due to the discrepancy especially for those born in the first half of each month. The Sun will be in the previous sign in its accurate placement.”

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What if your sun-sign is not your sun-sign?

PR 13 Aug 2015

What if your sun-sign is not your sun-sign?

Vedic astrology, the astrology of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Vedic astrology is a spiritual science that uses the accurate position of planets, whereas Western astrology is more than 13 degrees away from the accurate placements that are used by Vedic astrology according to Vedic astrologer Yildiz Sethi. This means that 50% of all Western astrology charts show a scientifically inaccurate Sun-sign position.

Yildiz says “Generally those born from 1-14 of each month have a Sun position that falls into the previous Western astrology sign. E.g. someone born on 3 August has a Sun that is placed in Cancer according to Vedic astrology rather than Leo according to Western astrology.”

“Vedic astrology is Sidereal Fixed star astrology while Western astrology uses the Tropical moving star system. The Tropical moving star system is governed by the procession of the equinoxes and will continue to move further away from the true position for thousands of years.”

“A chart is as a cosmic snapshot over the place of birth at the moment of birth where planetary forces combine to show many things about the soul that is coming into life. The accuracy of the chart is paramount to give valid guidance.”

“The latest astronomy telescopes give the same positioning of planets as the Vedic astrology system.”

“The accuracy of the Vedic a chart provides useful information of psychology, life purpose, relationships, career, finance, spiritual path.”

“The chart is a karmic map and shows destiny and free will.”

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We are all stardust
We are all stardust


Author :     Yildiz Sethi

Karma means action. Wherever there is an action there is a reaction. As we are not only physical beings, but also emotional and spiritual as well, any thought, word or action will have an effect. Nothing takes place without causing a ripple of some description in the universe.

Karma is not retribution, reward or punishment that is dealt to you by an external judge or God.

According to Jyotish each soul itself keeps a tally of the total karma due to thoughts, intentions, words and actions.

On death, the soul re evaluates the karma and decides what experiences it needs to further spiritual evolution.

The soul does not have the same view of unpleasant earthly experiences that our conscious mind might have. You might be amazed to think that your soul decided to give you each of the experiences you have had in your life. The good and the more challenging. There are lessons’ to be learned by all of them if you look at it from the bigger picture.

Before the next incarnation the soul waits until the planets are at exactly the correct position over a particular point on the earth, to match the karma that must be experienced in this life, in order to give it the chance for further development.

Your Vedic Astrology birthchart is the sum total of the karmas to be experienced in this life.

In the beginning we were delivered into our earthly rebirth cycle. We forgot that we are spiritual beings and became deeply involved in the physical and material world and the pursuit of pleasure and desires. This state is called Maya. This is the illusion that the physical and material world or sensory gratification will make us happy and content. Eventually through experience and a need to find the “truth” we start to progress back to our spiritual world and eventually reach liberation or Moksha.

Karma and Astrology

Astrology is the cosmic map over the place and time of birth. The soul takes its first breath when the planets around the earth are arranged in a perfect alignment or scattering to give the new soul in coming into life everything that it requires for its forthcoming life journey. DP083 - M101 Galaxy stardust image_2

Each planet brings with it its particular energy. The placement of the planet against the backdrop of constellations is potent with the symbology of the combined energies. For example a planet in a friendly constellation to its energy will have the effect of acting more favourably in the life, body and mind of the person. While a planet in a less friendly constellation to its natural energy will not be able to work in a harmonious manner.

For example now on 25 August 2014, Mars and Saturn are in the constellation of Libra according to Vedic astrology. This makes the constellation of libra ver troublesome now. Both Mars and Saturn are in a friend sign  in Libra. However Mars is impulsive and driven, while Saturn that is exalted in Libra and is restrictive and staunch. Mars and Saturn are opposing energies and create confusion and hostility. Hence anyone who is a Librian rising according to Vedic astrology or has planets in Libra will be experience this turbulence.

Each of the placements of the planets shows the karma (action) that is due to unfold in cosmic time. Karma is not punishment, it is simply action. So whatever our soul has created by intention, thought and action must return and may be seen through the cosmic karmic map.