Vedic Astrology Consultation

Consultations make take place in person, by phone or Skype.

I will send the recording of your consultation with your charts after the consultation.

Consultation times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-6pm Brisbane Qld Australia local time.

What you need to do
Provide your Date, Time and Place of birth to
Phone 0412 172 300 (mobile)  International +61412 172 300

Contact Email

Make your payment prior to consultation to confirm the booking.

Payment choices

  1. Direct deposit. At least one week prior to the consultation make your payment by direct deposit to Family Constellations
    BSB 304 029 account 0059322
  2. Phone to pay by credit card to
    Yildiz  0412 172 300 +61 412 172 300
  3. Paypal

1 Vedic Astrology 60 minute Consultation

Personalised individual reading of your karma at the moment of birth with detail of how to make the most of your gifts and deal with challenges.

Fee $300 AUD For 60 minute consultation by phone, skype or face to face (face to face in Brisbane only). Please email your time of birth, your date of birth and your place of birth – email to and contact Yildiz to arrange a consultation time by phone 0412 172 300 (mobile) or email.

2 Rectification

 to confirm the time of birth if you are not sure of its accuracy.
Phone or email me about this prior to payment.

$75 AUD For rectification

3 Consultation and rectification

$375 AUD combined cost for consultation and rectification

4 Returning clients only – Choose from a 30 or 6o minute follow up or yearly consultation

30 minutes $150 AUD 

5 Returning clients only –
Follow up or yearly consultation

60 minutes $200 AUD



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