Vedic and Western astrology explained

What is the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology?

In my chart I have a Leo Sun. In the Vedic system my Sun is in Cancer. Astrologically and scientifically my Sun was in Cancer at my birth, My Cancer Sun shows the qualities of my sun perfectly.

Vedic astrology is Sidereal Astrology that is known as Fixed Star astrology. The  chart is a snap-shot of planets over the place of birth and is as accurate as if recorded by a modern day astronomer with the latest modern telescope .

This is because there is a 23 degree difference between the two systems. Vedic astrology system is more accurate on positions of stars and planets in the Zodiac

“Western astrology uses the Tropical Moving star system to draw up its charts. This is based on the movement of the equinoxes and the Western Tropical position is now approximately 24 degrees away from the Vedic Fixed star accurate position. The Western system is continuing to move away from the fixed (accurate) position of stars. This means that charts drawn up in the two systems vary by nearly 24 degrees at present and this gap is growing larger yearly. This means that someone with a Sun in the first half of Aries according to Western astrology has a Sun in Pisces in the Vedic system. This produces a totally different chart if this is applied to all points in the chart. The Vedic chart shows the accurate position of planets. “
Taken from Stardust on the Spiritual Path. Yildiz Sethi Buy the book here in hard copy or ebook Amazon
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