Jyotish has a Wealth of Tools

Jyotish Has a Wealth of Tools to Use for Interpretation.

The astrological birth chart itself as well as :

  • Divisional charts that each cover specific areas of life such as marriage, children, career, parents, siblings just to name a few.
  • Planetary periods called Dasas.
  • Nakshatras – Lunar Mansions of the Moon.
  • Yogas – Planetary combinations that give strong indications of karma to come to fruition in this life
  • Transits

All of these tools when used together will give an accurate indication of your psychology, events, capabilities and more challenging areas, relationships, creativity and more.

Jyotish will help you to understand the timing of the karmas to come into your life so that you are more informed, repared and able to make choices where possible.

Vedic astrology came into being around the same period in Vedic history as Yoga and Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda to look after the body in terms of nutrition and life style.
  • Yoga to keep the body supple and strong and relax the mind so as to connect with the power of Oneness.
  • Vedic astrology to provide a road map of your soul’s journey.

Vedic astrology, Indian astrology, is commonly known as the Eye of the Vedas. Its purpose is not simply fortune telling but rather to shine a light on our life in providing guidance on our life path. It is invaluable in helping us to  navigate our life and make the most of our gifts and show us how to cope with our challenges. Vedic Astrology is both a practical and spiritual form of astrology and provides a way for us to understand ourselves. A perfect path for any spiritual seeker.

The astrology chart is the cosmic map of your karmic imprint showing all that is to unfold in this life.
Within this imprint there is destiny and also free will. So there are many opportunities for directing your life as you follow your life purpose. For this reason Vedic astrology is an empowering self development or personal development tool in helping you to understand your self and make the most of your potential.

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What is a chart?

Astrology is a cosmic map of the moment of birth for each soul. The arrangements of planets over the place and time of birth form the Vedic astrology chart which is a symbolic map showing the soul’s journey on its path through the cycle of life towards awakening.

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