Stardust The Traveller's Way
If you have ever wandered how ideas from the past can inform you in the present. How eastern philosophies of karma or reincarnation can merge with modern psychology and scientific knowledge in helping you find meaning. Or if you have wandered about the growth of consciousness and the place that Family Constellations may take in being a useful process on your journey, then this book is essential reading for modern aware men and women.
Stardust: The Traveller’s Way is written by the director of this site. Yildiz Sethi

Australian Institute of Vedic Astrology A.I.V.A.


    Yildiz Sethi is one of the few teachers of Vedic astrology in Australia            and the only one with such comprehensive courses that provide learning and support for her students. She teaches the basics of Vedic astrology so that you can start to do your own astrology chart readings, in two basic courses. Yildiz was a very successful science teacher for many years and has put together an informative and interactional course with exercise so that you can practice your knowledge week by week.

 This is a spiritual science coming from the golden age of  the Vedas dating    back 10,000 years BC, along with the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions of ancient India. This is highly relevant to modern professionals and spiritual seekers alike, in helping to shine Light on your life path for guidance. Its purpose is to help you make the most of your talents and to help you grow from your challenges. Its accuracy makes this science invaluable in helping you in the timing of events and also in the analysis of psychological factors and compatibility. Our first task on the spiritual path is to understand and accept ourselves fully. From this point on we can develop compassion for ourselves and others as we expand our consciousness, live out our karma and exercise our free will in creating new karma, by our thoughts and actions.Contact 

Learn Astrology 2014 vedic Astrology 1 class.

Learn  the basics of vedic astrology in an 2 day intensive

When 24-25 May 2014

Where Brisbane Australia

Who with Yildiz

Investment $440. Early Bird price $400 25 April.
Book now limited places. 07 3390 8039

Learn Vedic Astrology through a Correspondence Course.

You will also receive your own chart to begin to unravel it throughout the course. The first step in personal development is knowing in coming to know yourself.

Vedic Astrology 1. Course outline.

10 lessons accompanied by audio CDs and teaching notes including charts and exercises for each lesson.

1 Astrology signs and chart forma.
An introduction to the philosophy of indian astrology and undertanding he format of the chart including North and South Indian formats.. Introduction to horoscope signs and houses.

2 Elements and qualities of each sign.
Looking at life purpose, wealth, desires and spirituality. The elements water, fire, earth, air.
Cardinality, fixed and mutual signs.

3 The planets.
An introduction to the planets used in vedic astrology.

4 Rahu. Ketu. The shadowy planet axis. Dashas.
Looking at the deep mystical significance of rahu and ketu, the karmic axis. Introduction to dashas the planetary periods.

5 Houses.
The significance of each of the twelve houses and there many layers of meaning.

6 House classification
Classifying the more challenging houses in the chart.

7 Aspects.
Becoming familiar with the planetary gaze of one planet to another or to houses.

8 Stregth of planets
learning how to assess the strength of planets and houses in the chart.

9 Functional befefics and Functional Malefics.
Finding which planets are favourable for each of the rising signs and why.

10 Dasas and examining Charts.

Looking at planetary periods (these are not transits) and how karma unfolds.

Learn Vedic Astrology 2 Course Outline.

Those who have completed vedic astrology 1 may proceed to vedic astrology 2

1 Houses, planets revision, deepenning and extension.

2 Karakas (planetary symbolism.

3 Introduction to Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) A

4 Introduction to Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) B

5 The Nodes. Rahu and Ketu. Their mythology and significance.

6 Important transits.

7 Important Yogas. Planetary combinations.

8 Dashas. Planetary periods and their effects.

9 Ashtakavarga.

10 Divisional charts. harmonic charts.


$440 AU for Vedic 1 and $440 for Vedic 2

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