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We come into being through creation and we are part of creation. We have creative potential.

The Wheel of Karma

We already create through every thought, word and action so do it consciously See Karma

Once we truly understand this and its significance it makes every part of our life precious and full of potential.
Both creative and destructive. We can see where we are being positively creative and also where we are being destructive to ourselves and others.

If we are more conscious we can create what we want more consciously and make the changes required to change our beliefs, resolve emotional turmoil and clarify our intentions. Here we have the key to more peace f mind and conscious intention. See Be Rich AND Spiritual about how we create our reality. Read

You are here because because you are at the stage of your soul development on the wheel of life where you are asking universal questions.

Who am I ?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Where do relationships fit in this?

How can I make the most of my life?

Once we start this journey we may need to shed our skin once or even several times in our life to allow a new awareness and potential to arise. We need to unveil ourselves.

Transformation and growth is a constant theme once you begin to awaken to who you are.

As an astrologer I became aware of the need to help people change their karmic patterns at a deep level. I became a psychotherapist and innovator of psychotherapy.

I have become an expert in personal and spiritual development as a means of helping people on their personal development and spiritual growth path. I see people for person sessions, hold workshops and hold trainings.

We are composed of many layers.
Resolving, clearing and integration are necessary to enhance your growth. Look at the links below to enhance your growth.

Rapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration

Family Constellations

Professional psychotherapeutic training

My book Rapid Core Healing pathways to growth and emotional healing Details

Rapid Core Healing

I hold a variety of programs, Seminars,Workshops and Training.

Article on Dealing with Difficult people in your life from the karmic perspective. Press Release

Article on Is it wise to look into past lives for present solutions?

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I believe that having a consultation is a valuable form of personal development in that can help you come to know and eventually accept yourself.

For those who feel drawn to it, learning Vedic Astrology is a deeper personal development journey in entering the mystery, mythology, scientific and the utillizations of many aspects and tools. This is a deep study that may continue for the rest of your life in that it has unfathomable depths.

My study and practice of Vedic astrology led me to a search to find ways of assisting people to change karmic or deep psychological patterns to enable change and more choice.


For further information of personal development see:

  • Personal Development offers professional Mind, Body, Soul services for changing patterns and clearing karma
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  • Family Constellations is a powerful way of clearing karmic patterns that are personal and generational. This is the energetic, spiritual, experiential alternative to therapy.
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Stardust on the Spiritual Path Yildiz Sethi 2014

A book on Karma and the value of relationships on the spiritual path. A useful self development and spiritual development book explaining the intricacies and debunking myths about karma.

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 Be Rich AND Spiritual Yildiz Sethi 2014

This is a book honouring our power as creators. The book discusses what the Law of Attraction has left out and how you may take take control of your own life in many ways.

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