Remedial Measures

Remedial Measures

Historically, gems, mantras and specific tasks have been prescribed by Vedic astrologers to help you deal with difficult karmic situations. I can prescribe these for you if that is what you want. These do help to some extent and can support you. I do wear astrological stones myself however, in my opinion these are the least effective for transformation and personal development, growth and resolving karma at a deep level.
Vedic Astrology highlights your karmic patterns and challenges and a process called Family Constellations and Rapid Core Healing can help you to resolve these issues at a deep karmic and spiritual level for a really effective and lasting change.

Finding Inner peace is a process. A path that needs to be followed consciously. There is no magic wand.

  • Remedial Measures – How to deal with your karma.
    There at least three ways that you can deal with this karma.
    1 Our lives are preordained. There is nothing we can do but accept it.
    2  We can try to come into tune with our karma with gems and mantras or actions ie giving to charities etc.
    3 We can accept it fully as ours and resolve each of the karma’s shown at a deep level, thereby making deep changes in our perceptions and also of the events around us. This cannot be done by willpower. Look at the following website to see how transformation can take place for those who are ready to move on and make deep changes.
    Personal development  to resolve family system or karmic patterns.

In dealing with karmic patterns on a daily basis through such consultations, I have developed an understanding of past lives and karma and how to work with it in effective ways. My involvement in Vedic astrology led me into searching for ways to understand the subtleties of karma (action) and what is necessary to resolve the more challenging trends. As a Vedic astrologer I could have gone into Vedic remedial remedies, but chose not to for many reasons. Traditional Vedic remedies include the use of puja’s (spiritual ceremonies), wearing particular gemstones or the application of a wide range of acts of charity and compassion, in an attempt to alleviate difficult karmic patterns. Although these can be potent in making a difference, they can also be used in a way that makes no difference at all, unless mindset is also changed through the process. In the same way that a priest may recommend 12 Hail Marys’ to resolve sins, how can that make any difference at all, unless it is truly heartfelt and results in a change of heart and mindset? Often such remedies are performed by people who are superstitious and in fear of a dangerous, judging God, rather through a deep ethical realization of what they have done along with a wish to change their attitude permanently and deeply.

Your chart is your psychological, physical and events map of your life and the karma to be experienced in this life. This is also where your thinking and behavioral patterns can be found. There are many kinds of karma that we are all born with, however it can be put into three main categories.

  • ·Fixed karma Strong fixed karma that is fixed can not be changed. This is best dealt with, by acceptance and deep reflection, knowing that at some level it is yours, an action from a past life coming back to you.
  • Mixed karma Medium strength mixed karma may be changed with effort and the correct remedies. Itis best dealt with by acceptance, therapeutic psychological, emotional processes and spiritual practice that seeks to integrate the more negative sides of your personality. (We all have these darker sides, ignoring them does not make them go away. Also wallowing in them is not helpful.) This may help you to lay down new patterns, (new karma) for the present and future. ·
  • Light karma may be dealt with by self-development, spiritual practice.  Light karma can be changed relatively easily by a new thoughts or actions.

We are making present and future karma by our present thoughts and actions. How we respond to our karma may release existing karmic patterns or set up further pleasant or more challenging karma, so knowing how to deal with it, is important.
Karma can be pleasurable or challenging. We don’t usually need help with good karma. We accept it and know we deserve it when it comes. However, we find challenging karma more difficult to accept and deal with.

Your chart will show difficult people in your life or difficult situations, such as mother, father, siblings, partners, bosses, the public. It is probably true that these people have provided some very difficult and hurtful experiences for you, however it is shown in your chart that these are to be part of your life experience. Is this just to punish you? No, I don’t think so. At some level, you set this up at some point in the past, it is your karma, it is in your chart and your life experience and it is now completing a karmic cycle. At each point you have the opportunity to make a deep change that will resolve the karmic pattern. Even though the problems appear to be external to you, the reality is, it is internal and needs to be resolved internally at all levels, mind body, soul and inter-generationally.

For those who truly want to change deeply held views that are limiting your life and keeping you in difficult karmic patterns and can be extremely effective at changing perceptions and hence your karmic imprints you may look at a range of professional development. Ibelive a  process called Family Constellations is the most effective, cutting edge tool for clearing difficult karmic patterns, resolving relationship issues and helping to remove self-sabotage in work or business issues. Family Constellations heals from the roots and clears unhealthy trans-generational energies (karmic) for you if you are ready for deep change.

In present times we are fortunate in having the knowledge passed down to us from the great sages of India of ancient times. In addition we have the knowledge of our present times too. This includes psychology and science and in particular quantum physics which goes outside the physical sciences of mechanics and chemistry and towards energetic dimensions, which can be applied across many perspectives.  From a photon or atom, to the universe and ourselves as physical and spiritual beings. I feel very privileged to be living now.

However, feeling the need to deal with karma at a deep level is not for everyone.
Many of you are simply curious about what your chart can tell you.
Only a few will want to make bigger changes, however if you are ready for change in the future you now know it is possible.
This is fine. There is no need for urgency as everything takes place in its own time just as it needs to. I have great faith in that.

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