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Learn the Art and Practice of Vedic Astrology in a unique online course.

As Above, so Below

Are these questions of interest to you?

  1. Would you like to know what the symbols mean?
  2. What  is the meaning of the houses?
  3. What the importance of the rising sign is?
  4. Why the Moon is considered more important than the position of the sun for Vedic astrologers.
  5. What is Rahu and Ketu and how do they show life purpose?
  6. What are Luna mansions or Nakshatra signs?

If so you will find this course invaluable.

Vedic astrologey is a highly sophisticated and practical spiritual science that grew out of the Vedic era with Yoga and Ayurveda up to 5000 years BC in the Indus Valley of India.

This  is for those who have a fascination for the mystical and have wandered if we are part of something bigger.

Vedic Astrology is a practical, accurate spiritual science.:

  • Sophisticated because it has up to 60 charts covering each aspect of life for an individual.
  • Practical because it is a perfect tool to guide you through the crossroads of your life.
  • Spiritual because it deals with our connection with cosmic forces and also with former lives and each other.
  • Scientific because it accurate according to present day astronomy
  • Has a deep and sophisticated set of techniques and guidelines that have stood the test of time.

How Yildiz developed the course

After Yildiz was introduced to vedic astrology she spent years in study, research and practice. More details of her life  She went to courses in India, USA and in Australia and took part in lots of personal study. She found some information really useful and applicable and lots of information, confused confusing and not helpful or accurate.

In putting this course together she has sifted and sorted the vital aspects of Vedic astrology from her own learning and from good teachers and from good books and her own experience with many clients of over twenty years.

She has fine tuned her knowledge into  2 high value content courses for those who are serious about mastering the art of Vedic astrology.

She knows there is enough content in the course to have split it into  6 courses. However she chose to condense it down to two.

Hence they are two very high value courses.

The course material is broken down into 12 lessons that are easy to understand and consist of audio and PDFs that you may repeat as often as you want.

Students have told me that each time they
listened they understood another aspect that they hadn’t noticed

You will have charts, exercises and answers to help you monitor your understanding and progress.

The course is intellectual, spiritual and must result in personal growth as you start to understand yourself and those around you. Vedic astrology has enabled me to be much more compassionate to those around me as when I look at their chart I can see how they perceive the world.

Who is the course suitable for?

For those who are wanting to:

  1. Start the process of understanding the symbology and techniques of Vedic astrology.
  2. Have a deeper understanding of Karma
  3. Understand their connections  with the Cosmos.
  4. Understand and accept themselves.
  5. Understand and accept others.
  6. Be able to navigate their lives with more wisdom and confidence.
  7. Be clearer about their Life purpose.
  8. Follow their Dharma.
  9. Be able to navigate between free will and destiny.
  10. Understand their gifts and challenges.

 Vedic Astrology online Course

 Find out more about the Introduction to Vedic Astrology Vedic One Course outline

Vedic One Introduction to Vedic Astrology More information

Vedic Two Course outline

Vedic Two Intermediate course this is still a hard copy course at this stage.

 Vedic Astrology 2 Intermediary  More information 

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