Vedic One Course Outline

Learn  the basics of Vedic Astrology online

When you purchase a course you will be able to send me your birth details an receive your own chart to unravel as you work through the course material. The first step in personal development is knowing in coming to know yourself.

  • This is a comprehensive course with audios, PDF’s, charts, exercises and answers where relevant.
    Each course  is 3 courses in one.
    You will be able to and are advised to go through the course more than once in order to become familiar with each of the ideas, philosophies and methodologies shown here. You will notice deeper knowledge and insights each time you revisit it.

    There is no other course like this in the world. No other course has this value and depth.

    Course Outline for Vedic Astrology One  with Yildiz Sethi.

    Lesson 1 Introduction. Books and software.

    Lesson 2 Astrology signs and chart format.

     Lesson 3 Horoscope Ascendant qualities

     Lesson 4 The elements and qualities of each sign.

    Lesson 5 The Planets. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus.

    Lesson 6 The karmic axis. Rahu and Ketu,

    Lesson 7 Houses. Twelve houses of living

    Lesson 8 House classification. House groups.

    Lesson 9 Aspects of the planets.

    Lesson 10 Strength of planets and strength of houses.

    Lesson 11 Functional Benefics and Malefics

    Lesson 12 Putting it all together.

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