Testimonials for the Vedic Astrology online course

“The course is so well organised and interesting. I got drawn in so easily and in fact couldn’t stop once i started it. It was so fascinating to learn about all of the different aspects of astrology in such a constructive way. I particularly liked the audios with the PDF’s as it felt like I was in a classroom with Yildiz. Great value”. Sandra

“I have always wanted to learn astrology and I am so glad that I chose Vedic astrology with Yildiz as she made it so understandable and easy to learn. The way the course is set out with the audios and PDF’s, exercises and answers makes it a very full course. I particularly like the way that I can repeat it over and over to get more out of it each time. I loved to learn more about karma and found it a very spiritual experience too. I strongly recommend it to others who are curious”.  Matt

“What a great course. There was so much to learn but it was delivered in such an easy way. I loved the audios and the exercises. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks”. Geoff

“I have been involved in Yoga and meditation for years and had been curious about Vedic astrology. After having a reading I decided to look into what was involved in learning more. This was a great course to teach me the basics. This course fitted so well with my understanding of spirituality form this tradition and also I really enjoyed learning e techniques.” Diane


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