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Vedic Astrology,
the astrology of Yoga and Ayurveda with Yildiz Sethi

Ganesha is the deity for astrologers and eliminates obstacles.

The Karmic axis

In Vedic astrology the karmic axis is a crucial tool for stirring up cosmic energies. As we are all part of that cosmic energy in that we ll come from the same source in that we are all made up of stardust at a fundamental level. As explained at length in my book (number 1 best seller-Amazon) Stardust on the Spiritual Path. At present according to Vedic Sidereal astrology Rahu is in Virgo while Ketu is in Pisces. This will have a stirring up effect on the energies of planets in these sign causing a shift in consciousness for the houses and the energies of the planets involves. The Rahu Ketu axis is often the final trigger if other factors in a chart comply to allow transformation to occur.

The glorious Sun is in the same house in Taurus as Mars and Mercury giving a strong intensity to the sign of Taurus and any planet sin Taurus.

While the mighty Jupiter is enjoying its place of exaltation, maximum strength in the horoscope sign of Cancer until 14 July 2015 giving any planets in Cancer its expansive vibration during this time. Saturn in Scorpio is helping to slow things down a little in Scorpio and encouraging any planets affected by its base to become more structured and down to earth.

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