Consultation Testimonials

“I have been coming back on a yearly basis to Yildiz to update for the current year and have found it so useful in making choices and navigating my life. The consultations prepare me for what is going on  and more importantly how to deal with what is happening. I strongly recommend Yildiz to anyone who is wanting to understand themselves and their life more deeply.” Marilyn

“I first came across Yildiz  a few years ago when life seemed chaotic. The consultation helped me to see the bigger picture and also see what I had been contributing to the situation. The reading helped me realise that I and choices and since then I am much more in control of life. I like to have a consultation from time to time to help in my decision making. I like that Yildiz never tells me war to do. Just shows me what is happening so I make my own choices. A great help.” John

“It was so helpful to hear about myself in the consultation and to realise that I was already on the right path. I had doubted myself and am now much more confident about making decisions and doing what I most love. The reading grounded me. Thanks”. Deb

“I have had disastrous time with relationships in my life and was just about to give up when I had a reading. It was so helpful in pointing out the karmic elements and also what I could do about them. I now feel much better equipped to deal with relationships now and am looking forward to the next Love Transit Yildiz told me about”. Jack

“I have run a business for a while and was having some difficulty with a business partner. The consultation was so helpful in letting me know what is really going on and when this phase will be over so that I could stop being so stressed. Things have settled down again now and all is going well. A very useful session”. Janet




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