Find a vedic astrologer

Do you want to find a Vedic Astrologer instead of learning Vedic Astrology?

Firstly a few reasons on why you should learn Vedic Astrology instead:

  • Learning the course is so eye opening – it is the most interesting subject I have ever learnt.
  • You work on your own chart and you can confirm what the chart is telling you is correct or not.
  • Many times in your life – you come to a cross road. You can see what phase you are in your life. Fore-warned is fore armed. I noticed that at a particular phase in my life that I was going to lose all my money. Yet my chart shows that I have a very comfortable life. I decided to transfer all my wealth to my wife and my children. So, I own nothing and nothing to lose but I have a very comfortable life.
  • You have to make a decision on what to do – a yes or no. You can do a Prashna and see what the Prashna chart is saying. I was trying to work out if I should sell a particular share. I wanted to hold on but the Prashna said sell. I wanted to keep the shares as they were rising. I decided To sell enough to get my initial investment back. The shares I had did well for a few weeks and then plummeted to the price I had initially bought them for.
  • You can do charts for people that you are connected to.
  • Gives you a great interest in life. I went on a Vedic Astrology tour to India and it has been part of my life for over 25 years.

If you are interested in contacting a vedic astrologer then look below. Please note – I do not assess how good or bad they are.

I have not listed prices as that varies on what type of reading you want.




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