The Wheel of KarmaAuthor :     Yildiz Sethi Karma means action. Wherever there is an action there is a reaction. As we are not only physical beings, but also emotional and spiritual as well, any thought, word or action will have an effect. Nothing takes place without causing a ripple of some description in the universe.

Karma is not retribution, reward or punishment that is dealt to you by an external judge or God.

According to Jyotish each soul itself keeps a tally of the total karma due to thoughts, intentions, words and actions.

On death, the soul re evaluates the karma and decides what experiences it needs to further spiritual evolution.

The soul does not have the same view of unpleasant earthly experiences that our conscious mind might have. You might be amazed to think that your soul decided to give you each of the experiences you have had in your life. The good and the more challenging. There are lessons’ to be learned by all of them if you look at it from the bigger picture.

Before the next incarnation the soul waits until the planets are at exactly the correct position over a particular point on the earth, to match the karma that must be experienced in this life, in order to give it the chance for further development.

Your Vedic Astrology birthchart is the sum total of the karmas to be experienced in this life.

In the beginning we were delivered into our earthly rebirth cycle. We forgot that we are spiritual beings and became deeply involved in the physical and material world and the pursuit of pleasure and desires. This state is called Maya. This is the illusion that the physical and material world or sensory gratification will make us happy and content. Eventually through experience and a need to find the “truth” we start to progress back to our spiritual world and eventually reach liberation or Moksha.

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