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Personal Development

For those who feel drawn to it, learning Vedic Astrology is a deeper personal development journey in entering the mystery, mythology, scientific and the utilisation of many aspects and tools. This is a deep study that may continue for the rest of your life in that it has unfathomable depths.

For those who feel drawn to it, learning Vedic Astrology is a deeper personal development journey in entering the mystery, mythology, scientific and the utilisation of many aspects and tools. This is a deep study that may continue for the rest of your life in that it has unfathomable depths.

Personal Development

There are vedic and non-vedic remedial measures you can take.

Non-vedic remedial measures

Vedic astrology is great for showing your challenges in your life. There are vedic remedial processes to help overcome these issues. If you are happy to you can source vedic remidial measures.

Vedic Remedial measures come from ancient times. In her work Yildiz started to see that karma is deeply imprinted in the programming of the mind. In the present we have some really effective ways to assist people in making the changes they would like to make in a deep psychological manner.

There are processes developed which can help you deal with challenging karmic imprints.

For matters of destiny, this may involved coming to aplace of acceptance and for those things athat are within our capacity to change, it is important ot find ways that do that deeply and authentically  

Yildiz searched and found there are other ways (she even created a couple of new modalities) in her search to remove the challenges in your life:

– for inherited systemic issues from your forefathers (and mothers!)

– for personal trauma and issues in this life

– for dealing with issues in this life and the past

Examples of the type of issues

These (and many more issues) can be dealt with by Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing:

  •  You sabotage yourself in work
  • You sabotage your business ventures
  • your relationships within your family
  • You always seem to attract the wrong sort of partner
  • etc.
Personal Development
Personal Development

Vedic Remedial Measures

Historically, gems, mantras and specific tasks called remedial remedies, have been prescribed by Vedic astrologers to help people deal with difficult karmic situations. These may help to some extent, however, these were prescribed when there was less knowledge about how to make the deep inner changes that are available today.

The path towards enlightenment on the cycle of reincarnation involves coming to a place of acceptance and eventually self-love and hence for others too, because others are simply a reflection of yourself. The spiritual path is exciting, inspirational and challenging and is too deep to take place in one life only. Each life has its challenges and gifts and opportunities for growth and transformation.

If you understand Karma you will realise that we each create our reality and yes there are some things we are not aware of creating, that we may call destiny.  Ultimately all change must come from within. The best way to deal with karma is to make the inner changes required, knowing that this changes the way we perceive and create our lives. Refining every thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Personal development
There are many ways of resolving deep karma, psychological imprints and generational patterns so that we can grow and refine our thoughts, behaviour and feelings so that we may embrace life with gratitude, compassion and joy.

Finding inner peace and love is a process. There is no magic wand. A path that needs to be followed consciously. This may be experienced in your inner world and also in your connections with others, relationships.

Your chart is a psychological, symbolic map of your spiritual path towards enlightenment. It will show aspects of your physicality, appearance, qualities, personality, life path and spiritual progress. It also shows, Self-esteem, Relationships, Career, Emotional Resilience, Financial competence, Luck (good karma), problems (challenging karma)

We make karma by our responses to situations and people and this is reflected in our thoughts, feelings and actions.  How we respond to our karma may release existing karmic patterns or set up further pleasant or more challenging karma. So knowing how to deal with karma, is important.

Karma may be pleasurable or challenging. We don’t usually need help with good karma, but we find challenging karma more difficult to accept and deal with. 

20 years of Vedic astrology practice resulted in my search for ways to resolve psychological/karmic patterns so as to help people on their spiritual path. This led me into personal development and transformation processes.

Just as synchronicity introduced me to Vedic astrology at a key point in my life, so Family Constellations came into my life at another key point.

In present times we are fortunate in being able to receive knowledge from the great sages of India of ancient times and also the science, mind science and in particular quantum physics, which goes beyond the physical sciences of mechanics and chemistry to energetic dimensions, which can be applied across many perspectives. This ranges from a photons, to atoms, cells, to the universe and ourselves as physical and spiritual beings. I feel very privileged to be living now.

However, feeling the need to deal with karma at a deep level is not for everyone.

Many people are simply curious about what their chart may show, while others may be drawn to go deep into symbology and intuition therein. We are all at different points of the same spiritual journey.

In terms of remedial measures, how to improve your inner experience, relationships, resolve blocks to success and finding acceptance and love, I innovated two methodologies, Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration and became a Family Constellations facilitator and a trainer. In these ways I help people make inner changes.  See more on Personal development 

Vedic Astrology highlights your karmic patterns and challenges and other methodologies may help you resolve karmic patterns at a spiritual level to assist you on your spiritual path.

Vedic astrology is a powerful first step in coming to know who you are at a deep level. The chart is a spiritual map.

Books, Vedic Astrology and the Brain.

Learn Vedic Astrology

Stardust on the Spiritual Path

This is a book about the soul’s journey through many lives towards nirvarna, living and creating karma as a character called Surya.

Relationships are shown as a significant part of our life experience and Surya is shown in several stories and situations as men and women in creating their lives and making choices.

Be Rich AND Spiritual

Be Rich AND Spiritual

This shows essential information that was left out of The Secret. Thi sinvolves the nature of the human psyche, spirituality and how we create reality. The book shows how to work positively with your karma and your life purpose and you may work on a goal throughout the book in your own project.

Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing a psychotherapeutic book about advances in Mind science and the creation of two new modalities, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing for a wide range of issues ranging from relationships, conflicts, dysfunctions and trauma. Rapid Core Healing is a wholistic approach that includes working with the Systemic and

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