Destiny Free Will and personal growth

Destiny Free Will and personal growth Press Release.

As Above, so Below
Vedic Astrology the accurate spiritual science.

Vedic astrologer and author of Stardust on the Spiritual Path Yildiz Sethi explains that “Vedic astrology is a highly sophisticated and practical spiritual science that grew out of the Vedic era with Yoga and Ayurveda up to 5000 years BC in the Indus Valley of India.”

  • “Sophisticated because it has up to 60 charts covering each aspect of life for an individual.
  • Practical because it is a perfect tool to guide you through the crossroads of your life.
  • Spiritual because it deals with our connection with cosmic forces and also with former lives.
  • Science because it has a deep and sophisticated set of techniques and guidelines that have stood the test of time.”
  • Discover what is your destiny and what you have the power to control.
  • Discover what is your destiny and what you have the power to control.

Yildiz says,

“This study is for those who have a fascination for the mystical or have always known or wandered if we are part of something bigger, you will find this course invaluable.”

“This is for those who are wanting to:

  • Start the process of understanding the symbology and techniques of Vedic astrology.
  • Have a deeper understanding of Karma
  • Understand their connections  with the Cosmos.
  • Understand and accept themselves.
  • Understand and accept others.
  • Be able to navigate their lives with more wisdom and confidence.
  • Be clearer about their Life purpose.
  • Follow their Dharma.
  • Be able to navigate between free will and destiny.
  • Understand their gifts and challenges.”

“Yildiz has a new online comprehensive online Vedic astrology course on offer that is full of valuable information that is easy to understand on”


High resolution images and interviews are available on request.

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