Remedial Measures

  • Remedial Measures

Karma is simply action. Our thoughts words and actions coming back to us from this or former lives.

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So, to resolve karmic patterns – there are ways of dealing with issues.

It is important for your soul’s journey and personal growth to come to a good place within yourself over the issues. For example over any difficult connections.  As this is very much part of the challenges you have been dealt in this life, for personal and spiritual growth.

Use Vedic remedies like:


Rituals some individuals and astrologers consider rituals to be the solutions to cure bad Karma. But they are wrong. If you have seriously made mistakes in your life – it is not possible to undo all this with the help of just rituals. But be careful Life isn’t so easy as to keep doing bad Karma and then run back to performing rituals. It doesn’t work that way! In fact, following the wrong Karma can actually land you at the doorstep of an astrologer who can bring more harm than good!
Wearing Gems – you can wear the appropiate gemstone to the power of a planet – you need to go to a vedic astrologer to work out which gemstone.  The gems should not be processed or enhanced.

Non-Vedic Processes

Family Constellations – you can go to a Family Constellations facilitator and try to resolve the issue by this process. Family Constellations resolves relationhip issues, self-worth issues, why you don’t succeed in your ventures, etc. Have a look at clearing karma

Yildiz Sethi is a personal development and relationship expert. She provides training in Vedic astrology and consultations in Family Constellations and tailored programs to resolve blocks to success and wellbeing. She has been holding workshops and training in Sydney and Brisbane for over a decade. She is the author of three number 1 best seller books (Amazon) Stardust on the Spiritual Path, Be Rich AND Spiritual and Rapid Core Healing. You may reach her on Personal development

Relationship and Family Constellations information and workshops Family Constellations or Family Constellation training

We have advanced on to trying to resolve issues highlighted by Vedic Astrology:



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