Vedic Astrology a Spiritual and practical science.

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Yildiz an expert Vedic astrologer in Brisbane Australia offers Vedic astrology, an ancient Indian astrology that came out of the Vedas with Yoga and Ayurveda up to 5000 years BC. This is often known as Jyotish and is referred to as the Eye of the Vedas that shines a light on your life.

She says, “Vedic astrology is accurate Sidereal fixed star astrology using the exact position of planets/stars compared to Western Tropical Moving star astrology that is away from the accurate placement by more than 23 degrees.”

“Vedic astrology shows life purpose, gifts and challenges in a karmic map.”

“Karma is action. We continuously live and create karma by our actions from this and past lives.”

The chart is:

  • A cosmic map of the moment of your birth over the place of birth that is full of symbolic significance.
  • A karmic map of what is to be experienced in this life that is triggered by transits and planetary periods to come to fruition at particular periods of life.
  • A mixture of fixed and softer karma showing where you may take control of your life and where you need to come to acceptance and let go. Destiny and free will.
  • A map of your psychology, emotional, make up, career, relationships, finance and more

A consultation is often very useful when one is approaching a crossroads in life where new decisions are to be made and it can give a bigger perspective of the soul’s journey and be a valuable personal development tool.

Deepak Chopra recommends and invites those who follow him to explore the spiritual science of Vedic astrology as a means of coming to know themselves and their potential.

About Yildiz Sethi:

Yildiz Sethi is a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family Constellations facilitator and Vedic astrologer and former physics and chemistry teacher.

Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling) Consultations are provided with Yildiz in person or by Skype in Australia or internationally and has recently released two books, Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual number 1 Best sellers Amazon  explaining Vedic wisdom and how we each have the power to navigate our lives. She also holds Personal Development courses. The books can be purchased at and more information of Vedic astrology services may be found on


High resolution images and interviews are available on request.

Media contact

Yildiz Sethi 0412172300 or +61412172300


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