Learn the Art and Practice of Vedic Astrology in a unique online course.

as above, so below

Why look at Vedic astrology?

Life is a great gift, so it is important to make the most of it.

This starts with knowing who you are.

Vedic astrology can help you with that.

The position of stars at the time and place of your birth is the key to who you are.

They show your:

  • Psychology
  • Destiny
  • Relationships
  • Gifts and Challenges
  • Karmic Cycles

How you will learn Vedic Astrology online with Yildiz

When you buy the Vedic Astrology course you may work on your own chart lesson by lesson with the course material to understand yourself as a first step in this science.

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If you know your time of birth you can contact me through the contact page with your Name Date, Time and place of birth.

If you don’t know your time you will need to get a rectification done by another Vedic astrologer.

The course is set up as if you are in a class with me.

In this course:

This is a comprehensive Introduction to the art and practice of Vedic astrology.

No prior knowledge is required.

If you have done other forms of astrology before, it best to leave these behind in putting on your imaginary Vedic astrology for this course.


Don’t mix different astrology understandings and systems. Each system has a purity of its own and is diluted, polluted and nullified by mixing.

You will learn by listening. There is an audio for each lesson.

You will learn by reading. There are course notes and charts for each lesson.

You will learn by doing. There are exercises at the back of 11 lessons for you to test yourself on your understanding.
You may check your answers with the answers section included.

You may repeat each lesson as often as you wish.

You will listen and work through the course notes at your own pace.
Do it as fast or slow as you like. It’s up to you.

The course is designed to build your knowledge as you go through it.

You will be shown how to develop your skills in practical applications as you are shown how to navigate through chart information and build up an analysis.

All that’s left after this is Practice, Practice, Practice


Yildiz Sethi Image

How Yildiz developed the course.

After Yildiz was introduced to Vedic astrology she spent years in study, research and practice. 

She went to courses in India, USA and in Australia and took part in lots of personal study and hundreds of Vedic astrology books.

She found some information really useful and applicable and lots of information, confused confusing and not helpful or accurate.

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In putting this course together she has sifted and sorted the vital aspects of Vedic astrology from her own learning and from good teachers and from good books and her own experience with many clients of over twenty years.

She has fine-tuned her knowledge intoa high value content course for those who are serious about mastering the art of Vedic astrology.

She knows there is enough content in the course to have split it into 3 courses. However she chose to condense it down to one high value course.

The course material is broken down into 12 lessons that are easy to understand and consist of audio and PDFs that you may repeat as often as you want.

Students have told me that each time they
listened they understood another aspect that they hadn’t noticed

You will have charts, exercises and answers to help you monitor your understanding and progress.

The course is intellectual, spiritual and must result in personal growth as you start to understand yourself and those around you. Vedic astrology has enabled me to be much more compassionate to those around me as when I look at their chart I can see how they perceive the world.

Who is the course suitable for?

For those who are wanting to Learn about

  • Astrology signs
  • Planets
  • 12 House’s meanings
  • Transits
  • Planetary periods
  • Luna Mansions (Nakshatras)
  • How to understand the qualities of houses, planets and life purpose
  • Goals in Life
  • Learn about the Moon’s Nodes: Rahu & Ketu


  • Start the process of understanding the symbology and techniques of Vedic astrology.
  • Have a deeper understanding of Karma
  • Understand your connection  with the Cosmos.
  • Move towards understanding and accepting yourself.
  • Understand your gifts and challenges.

Learn about Vedic Astrology, the Eye of the Vedas with Yildiz Sethi

This course has been put together with the faith that those who are ready for this knowledge will receive it. It has come out of over vast studies and hundreds of books, great teaching all over the world including India,  20 years of experience as a Vedic astrologer. Thousands of chart readings and teaching Vedic astrology.

This course could easily have been split into 3 courses, but I believe if you are like me you will be eager to see how it all fits together so I have given a lot of information in this course knowing that you can re run the course as often as you need to knowing that on each revisit you will pick up more form it.

Like any new discipline it has to be learned and experienced and practice makes near perfect. The mind has to be trained to work with the symbols and mythology as well as the analytical. Give yourself tiem to digest each lesson and revisit often if you need to.

The Vedic Era has been traced from 3000 – 6000 years BC to the Indus valley in India, at a golden time of humanity.

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Vedic sacred knowledge was downloaded to the sages of that time during the same period as Yoga and Ayurveda to help human beings bring their mind and physicality into alignment with the cosmos and creation.

Yoga to keep the body strong and supple and our mind calm.

Ayurveda to maintain health and vitality through natural medicine and life style.
Vedic astrology to guide us on the cycle of life on our spiritual path.

Vedic Astrology: 12 Lesson Online Course with Yildiz

You will receive:

  • 12 lessons on PDF
  • 12 audios for each lesson
  • A task sheet with answers at the end of each lesson so you can test your knowledge as you go

“I have done many other free or cheaper courses but this is so worthwhile. It is so deep and rich with knowledge and Yildiz very generously shares techniques that bring this course alive. It is well structured and well taught. Perfect for the serious student who wants real knowledge to work with and continue into the future with.” Rebecca 52

“Its a risk picking a course, but I am so happy that I picked this one. I really like teh style and pace of it and the fact that you can go as fast or as slow as you like. Also repeat as often as you like ofr the harder bits. I have dabled in astrology for years but Vedic astrology has so much depth to it and is also rational an dlogical as well as spiritual, so it fits really well with me and for any other genuine seeker of knowledge that you find anywhere else in this way. A unique course.” Will 49

“This course has been inspirational, practical and grounding. I love the logic and the fuctionality of the thinking involved in learning Jyotish. I felt like I was in an interactive classroom where I could decide how quickly or slowly I could go. Most of all I have found out so much about myself. Humbling and gratifying. I now see myself differently and am beginnign to understand my relationships. I strongly recommend this course.
It is unique”

Philip age 61

In this course you will learn:

  • Chart format
  • Horoscope signs
  • Zodiac signs
  • Transits
  • Planetary periods – Dashas
  • Planets
  • Rahu and Ketu, the karmic axis
  • Rising signs
  • Life Purpose
  • Personality
  • Karma
  • The value of the Moon and the Sun
  • The qualities of the houses
  • The qualities of the planets
  • Lunar mansions, Nakshatras
  • Rules of chart interpretation

Vedic Astrology 1: Table of Contents

For each lesson you have a PDF of lesson content. An Audio to go with it, Worksheet and answers to check your understanding.


Article Jyotish Indian Astrology.

History. Difference between Western and Vedic astrology systems.

Software for Vedic astrology free, to purchase.

Book suppliers.

About Yildiz Sethi

LESSON 2: Astrology Chart Format. Astrology Signs.

What is an ascendant sign?

The difference between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology.

Chart format

North Indian chart

South Indian chart.

Other charts.

Madonna 3 charts

Horoscope ascendant signs. 

Task for lesson 2

Answers for lesson 2

LESSON 3: Astrology horoscope qualities

Introduction to horoscope qualities.

LESSON 4: The Elements and qualities of each sign.

Life Purpose



Task for lesson 4

Answers for lesson 4

LESSON 5: The Planets

Sun Surya

Saturn Sani

Moon Chandra, Soma

Mars, Kuja, Mangala, Kartika

Mercury, Buddha

Jupiter Guru, Brihasparti

Venus, Sukra

Waxing and waning Moon

Task for lesson 5

Answers for lesson 5

LESSON 6: Rahu and Ketu - The Karmic Axis

Mythology of Rahu and Ketu The most popular myth.

Rahu, Malefic (Like Saturn)

Rahu and Ketu: The karmic axis.

Task for lesson 6

Answers for lesson 6

LESSON 7: The 12 Houses and their significance.

Task for lesson 7

Answers for lesson 7


LESSON 8: House Groups

Quadrants or Kendras

Trines or Trikonas

Upachaya- Growing houses

Neutral Houses

Maraka, Death Giving planets.

Princess Diana

Task for lesson 8

Answers for lesson 8

LESSON 9: Aspects

Aretha Franklin

Wanting a baby

Albert Einstein

Task for lesson 9

LESSON 10: Strength of Planets and Strength of Houses

 Planetary  friendship and enmities.

Exalted signs for each planet.

Debilitated signs for each planet.

Planets in Horoscope Signs

Assessment of Houses and Planets according to House placements.
Tables for reference



Assessment of Houses and Planets.

House placement

Sign placement

Horoscope sign placement. Combustion

Task for lesson 10

Answers for lesson 10

LESSON 11: Functional Benefics and Malefics

Assessment. How to start

Kendras ( Lords of 159)

Trine Lords (Lords of 1,4,7,10 houses)

Full chart assessment.

Sex worker

Muhamed Ali

Mick Jagger

Task for lesson 11

Answers for lesson 11

LESSON 12: Putting it all together.

Task 12

Self-assessment. No answers provided.

An astrologers chart


Contact us if any issues with buying course Press Here

  • Professional support
  • Includes the knowledge and tools to understand yourself and others through your chart.
  • Is designed to do at your own pace.
  • Includes personal and spiritual development.
  • Involves how to read the symbology/terminology of a cosmic chart
  • Built by a professional teacher who is also a Vedic Astrologer
  • Condensed knowledge of over 200 vedic books and 20+years as an astrologer
  • Learn on your own chart – understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • As your life progresses – you can review what is happening in your chart
  • Receive completion certificate at end of course

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