Author :     Yildiz Sethi

In Vedic astrology, which is known as Jyotish in India, the planet Venus is considered the most refined of planets. Venus is given the name Sucra, which translates in English to Sugar. Venus is a female planet which represents semen, reproductive fluids and hence fertility in a chart and is known generally as the planet of love, romance and enjoyment.

Of course it will represent love, romance and fertility for both males and females and will work very well in the life of the person if it is strong and well placed in the chart.

According to the Vedic tradition, Venus has many roles, ranging from being an adviser of demons in guiding them towards making contact with their lost souls and also a spiritual teacher of the highest order.

Indian Mythology

Mythology tells of a time when the planet Venus took on the persona of a man who was seeking to help his daughter attain her dream. Venus’s daughter had fallen in love with a king and wished to be his wife and live happily ever after. Venus was indeed successful in arranging the marriage, but as the king was in love with another woman, this marriage could not ensure his daughter’s happiness. The marriage was a disappointment to the daughter, as it remained loveless and unfulfilling.

The purpose of this myth is to help us realise that Venus can help us attain many of our material or sensory goals, but cannot ensure real lasting happiness.

In addition, Venus cannot avert karma, (the result of past actions) that is destined to come into fruition in this life. Even though we can fulfill some or most of our desires, we don’t always know what events or situations will accompany their materialisation into our lives. To have what we want, but to find it disappointing in some way, can often feel very unfair to us.

At its highest, Venus can help to guide us to true happiness by helping us to change our perception on life events, in order that we can see the perfection in what is, rather than how we would like things to be at this time.

Venus has the ability to guide our souls to realise that material gains and sensual gratification in them selves can provide relatively brief enjoyments, but alas cannot result in lasting happiness. However, for most of us happiness is in fact our own responsibility and can only be present when we have developed the attitudes that allow us to find contentment in the present. Happiness comes from within, being at peace with yourself first.


In Vedic astrology Venus is the planet of love and romance. Venus may well bring into our life a loving partner, but this may not be enough to ensure happiness unless each of us takes on the responsibility to fulfill our own needs as well.

Many of us today are hoping that our partner will rescue us from our unhappiness, depression or loneliness and take us off to the land of Happiness. Yes a partner can look after you physically, materially or sensually, but this is often only fleeting enjoyment, that can often leave us feeling deflated afterwards. Those of you that know that you have to take the responsibility for your own happiness and “fill up your own cup” with light and joy will be the ones whose cup runneth over when they meet someone with whom they can have a meaningful relationship.

This is particularly pertinent to modern relationships where many of us move onto the next better relationship rather than looking at ourselves in our inner lives or expectations first. Of course many of us will experience several love relationships in our lives and this may be part of the overall plan that Venus has devised for our soul’s journey. Ultimately Venus will guide us to enrich our inner lives and seek spiritual connection so that a deeper inner peace and happiness may be attained and relationships may be enjoyed to the fullness of their potential. Relationships are indeed a demonstration of how we can be the best of who we are with Venus’s guidance.

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