Humanity is made up of the same units of matter as the rest of the universe. Hydrogen is the smallest atom, becoming the building block of larger atoms in the universe, which in turn make up simple to complex molecules of all matter including the cells of life. However, although the science is fascinating and compelling, it leaves many questions unanswered, for example, it can’t say what that extra ‘element’ it is that gives life to groups of cells or atoms, or why the original ‘big bang’ happened and what the purpose of life is. These are probably not logical or linear questions, so require different modes of thinking to contemplate. Perhaps the answers are so complex and outside the capacity of the human experience to comprehend and even if we think we know the answers to the big questions we have no way of testing or verifying our thoughts.
So what is astrology?
We are all made up of the same ‘star-dust’, so why shouldn’t we be affected by the Moon and Sun and other large planets in our solar system? The position of the stars in the sky become your chart. The sky is divided into twelve sections of star constellations, each one forming a horoscope sign.
The horoscope on the horizon at the moment of your birth becomes your rising sign and tells a lot about your basic personality and drive. See a Free Video on Life Purpose HERE 

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